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What are Best Tattoo Ink ?

Sup M8's
was kinda of curious was the best ink you guys will recomend buying ? and from where? is it better buying it in  bulk(all colors ) for one price or seperate? any help will b greatly appreciated.
                                        -Inker D
tattoo paddy

i like fusion or eternal i mainly use fusion. i get fusion in Ireland but you can buy direct from fusion, black ink i use kuro sumi, you should get 1 or 2 bottles to see if you like it first, try them out. i wouldnt buy a full set unless you have allot of tattoos because you,l never use it all before its out of date,  and you might not like some of the colours in the set

I've been diggin Bloodline and Inteze and I get them straight for the dealer them self, I have tried Fusion and like them to will be getting a set of those also

Has anyone used Talen drawing ink? How is it? I am currently using Intenze ink. I wanted to know if Talen drawing ink is any good..

I have heard talons is good but can't say from experience.

I use Skin candy Bloodline, I am looking to get some intenze as well.

I have seen lots of people using Talons but I know for me I won't use it because its printed on the bottle NOT FOR TATTOOS so I'm kinda funny that way but if that's what people like then more power to them.

there you go. Not for tattoo's so don't use it.

I've seen video that and articles on Fusion ink stating that it's so safe and pure that you can drink the stuff, now that's the stuff for me. They do have good inks

Yea it could be dmerit but like I said I'm funny that way, when I see print on a bottle that tells me not to drink you can bet I'm not gonna drink it Very Happy lots of pros and non pros use it I'm just sayin I wouldn't my self I would rather use ink that are made for tattoos. It's funny to me now because I've put India ink in my skin when I was 14.
tattoo paddy

thats my kind of ink too. do you have a link for the video id like to watch that, that talons ink reminds me of those head shops (drug shops) that were are for a while selling white powder "that is like cocaine" but its bath salts and not for human consumption lol covering there backs

Just Goggle Fusion ink challenge should be top hit

I don't know about Talons but Pelican ink contains shellac and the oldtimers would cook it in a double boiler then strain it several times to remove the impurities.

i use eternal,intenze,starbright. intenze zuper black. i have used talons and i like it but the intenze zuper black is awsome.

the zuper black is nice a bitch to wipe up but i do like using it for some of my work not all.

its good stuff. it saturates real nice. i have used the kuro sumi and didnt like it at all.

never had an issue with kuro sumi outlining ink love intenze eternal and starbrite for colors...used inteze liner black and loved it trie the zuper black and it seemed to bleed under the skin a little i have talked around and they say it tends to do that because its highly concentrated? not sure  but its deff good ink.. i also like silverback black ink and grey washes

I haven't run into any bleeding under the skin with the Zuper but all inks will bleed like that if you go too deep. I do like the Kuro to and Inteze true black,  never tried SilverBacks lining inks but I do like their shading inks also like Starbright's white.

Concentrated inks, what is the purpose, are they for color lining or mixing to achieve a specific shade, always have wondered about that. I read in a post on another forum where people were discussing black ink where an artist with over 25 years experience called the bleeding, ink migration. He was talking about a black ink, ONE is its name, that he used for over two years until he started noticing ink migration in his earliest tattoos which he used it so he quit using it. Also got to agree with Skulldaddy about Zuper being hard to wipe away, like trying to wipe shit off a wool blanket lol. It's Silverback 11 black for me.

yeah it depends on the size of the particles of the pigments... that's why the bleeding you can see only withe the blacks since they have the smallest particle size and the smaller the particle the easier for it to travel under the skin..... it also depends on how deep you go , some places you have to go easier wiht the needle depth.... and also the skin type - wither the skin , easier to get ink bleeding.... some ointments can couse it also since they make the skin tissue too soft... that's why they promote dry healing these days.... only a bit of glycerin based lotions after the 3rd thay of healin.... but it is a bit painful way to heal a tattoo - not as comofortable as butting some bepanten Smile)) also where the skin is more flexible and taking different shapes all the time like fingers , wrist , elbow , knees..... that's all I know... I'm not that expirianced as you saw but at least I read a lot Smile))))))))))))))))))

Made My Mind up On Ink

Sup m8's
thankz 4 all da good info on inks . i finally made my mind and i already order my Eternal Ink - Primary Color Pack - 1 oz. including colors :
Lining Black, Dark Red, Orange, Bright Yellow, True Blue,
Sky Blue , Light Purple, Grass Green, Lime Green ,Pink

ill let you know my experience with this ink once i get it  and will post pixs soon.


i like to use a&d when im tattooing just for that reason it does help with the black ink wiping and to keep the stencil on lol. i also love the star bright white. i like it so much that i have to stop myself from over using it lol

Must admit that we had been using New Image inks for nearly everything other than Talens for solid black, but tried Millennium's MOM ink last night on the wife (due to her having a reaction to the NI red) & I was impressed by how it literally flew into the skin evenly with great saturation. Might invest in a few other colours from the range.

I like kuro sumi for outlining. Intenze, eternal, moms, and starbrite for colors. Each brand has good and bad colors. Get them all off unimax. Best prices hands down

There are many kinds of inks available and I like fusion mainly. You can purchase them from anywhere, from the places which are famous for them or you can search them on the web firstly and then can select according to your wish.
but really I'm only here to advertise and sell my cheap Chinese knockoff equipment at extortionate prices to you thick stupid scratchers that know no better!!!

Supplies for tattoo shops Twisted Evil  Twisted Evil  Twisted Evil

ive got eternal ink  a variety of colors so far id have to say im pleased with them  there blacks a little thick . some people like kuro sumi  i like there grey washes and blacks  even tho the black  heals more of a purplish color instead of a bright black as some inks. it all really has to do with preference  as many people will tell you on here there is a variety of inks they use  some brands have better colors that work better than others some have better blacks ect..  its all in what you prefer and what works best to your ability and what you like.  there is alot of brands with decent inks . basically u have to do like every other person here and just buy inks and try them out till you find what you like..   for me so far its eternal and kuro sumi's .

Re: What are Best Tattoo Ink ?

Tattoo inks are of many types. Selection of the best ink can be done by the tattoo experts only.that means us chinks,,we will put lead,,arsenic,,cadmium and other toxic substances in your ink, and you fools that buy this cheap Chinese shit don't have a clue what your putting in to your guinea pigs skin!!!  Evil or Very Mad  Twisted Evil  Evil or Very Mad  Twisted Evil and we don't give a fuck!!! we just want your MONEY!!! Twisted Evil  Evil or Very Mad  Twisted Evil  Evil or Very Mad

Tattoo ink, wholesale tattoo ink

various  types of tattoo ink are used:-
many colors are  available in tattoo ink, but, safe quality ink to be used for body tattooing.

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